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Lyn Hamer Cook


Art Rocks - Earth Born Painted Rocks
Pictured above left to right: Harl Great Dane; Pembroke Welsh Corgis, black Great Dane, French Bulldog.
The above examples of finished Earth Born Painted Rocks are medium sized and approximately 7" to 8" in size. Small rocks are approximately 4" to 5" in size.

Earth Born Painted Rocks
The Fine Art of Rock Painting by Lyn Hamer Cook©

Handpainted river rocks are carefully chosen for their form and size, then carefully hand painted in acrylic paint and varnished with a protective clear coat. Painted rocks may be custom created to look like your dog, cat or other animal species. The rocks shown above were painted from photos supplied by the pet's owners. A medium sized (7" to 8") rock costs $60 and a small sized rock (4" to 5") costs $35.

The shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer. Shipping cost is based upon weight/size of the box, and destination. The shipping cost can be adjusted after your rock is painted. Important note: Rocks cannot be shipped outside of the USA.

Order your Custom Painted Rock below, then email Lyn with how you want your rock to look. 

Custom Painted Pet Rock
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